CAJOLE~WORLD “official video” – Cajole Raja (Lyrics In Description )

#America #Africa #CajoleRaja #HipHop #Rap #Indian #LaurynHill #CAJOLEWORLD #Cancer #Autism #Diabetes #Rape #HIV #PrisonReform #Oppression Cajole Raja ~ 1st video | NR producer | Gambi beat | H.O.K film � Dedication: #TeamWarriors , to those who’ve been oppressed, shunned, deprived,…

CAJOLE~WORLD  “official video” - Cajole Raja (Lyrics In Description )



#America #Africa #CajoleRaja #HipHop #Rap #Indian #LaurynHill #CAJOLEWORLD #Cancer #Autism #Diabetes #Rape #HIV #PrisonReform #Oppression

Cajole Raja ~ 1st video | NR producer | Gambi beat | H.O.K film �
Dedication: #TeamWarriors , to those who’ve been oppressed, shunned, deprived, bullied, or abused. We fight everyday to remain stronger and keep our heads held high in battle. Don’t let anyone ever take away YOUR DREAMS with THEIR FEARS!!! Love y’all hard ⚔️ �

Lyrics : VERSE 1
I’m 22 mane, nothing the same, done with the games
Promoting these lames, f’ing you brain, spitting the same
Everything Lauryn did, already been did,
Intellect— let me correct, all these hating a** workers,
Gotta em going into debt, baby that’s it
Ripping in the scene and I can’t predict
How I bodied on the scene and I leave em, indeed unseen
Everything that I touch turns cream and I ain’t talking what’s between
Those thick thighs, maybe it’s ya eyes, maybe it’s the vibe
Maybe it’s that long thang I ain’t put inside Yet?
I ain’t talking for my health mane, I’m Cajole with the L on my chest
If I let a wack hater catch their breath, Yes, every hater gon try to study this test, NEXT
BUT I ain’t looking for em’, it’s like I’m searchingx3, then I’m booking on em
I done took shots on the book, they don’t wanna see me, crowned rest down in the box with the winning trophies
I done got bullied in them schools cause them fans be lurking, stand my ground every time sympathy ain’t a token
Couldn’t take my f’ing style guess that shit was approaching, the best yet scene everything hitting erosions
Look at now yeah how, well Cajole the focus, Hit up NR tell em that them hoes ain’t worth, ACE king CHAYAH poet, picture perfect & worth it
Everything team drop gon switch up your culture
This team, this is team, this is team ILL
Want a hit off the dome, this is code, yeah
This is really Raj? really Raj? This is Raj Real
This is Cajole in the fourth with the ball, yeah
If I score you haters ball would be mine yeah, off the board my words will lift all yeah, yeah
Let cajole let it off, set it off, field
Stand in form with the song, this is flow jams
Ima be the same brother to the day I die
Cajole a God— crucified and fell for a God
Don’t know the odds, without him is only NR
and if you lame rappers, rapping listen say ya goodbyes.. AND LET IT GO

Second verse I dedicate to the world, hatred & bigotry misery taking all
Cause daddy was invisible, mama never knew love, so now ya child flu sick devastated of course
Friends turn snakes, waited to fall, envy so ugly lucky there’s Cajole
Here to tell you one thing, keep fighting oppressed world
Nothing comes easy, but easy comes with a cost
LISTEN boys and girls I think that sound familiar
Repeating past mistakes, repeating past what failed us
Everything you been through could of kindly killed us, but we go even harder just to prove we healed
See our kids in the system mane, fucked up, raped up, Don’t know what that faith was
And that HIV killing more pain than lust, f’ cancer cause that shit sound made up, F’ autism, diabetes, had enough
Too many heroes dying shit added up, bills we hate, crime & just
Peace & love, subtract the guns, load the help, support the young
Struggling and praying that they’re worth as much, of them greedy mfos that’s laughing up,
Life is fun, pass the Dutch, pass the ones— cuff em up he ain’t worth enough Brown&Dumb
This the world that we live in mane sad to say, more issues than Vogue
Don’t stray away, Fade away, Accept the lessons that came ya way
Pass it down, keep in my mind who save the day
Malcom X, Rosa Parks, Harriet went strong
What the f’ would my life mean if I led strong
Stayed Silent, Stayed Scared.. then they must have won
And “they” Mean “YALL” if the shoe fits on

The pain in drugs,
The angered lust,
The pain in drugs, is Dangerous
The pain in thugs, endanger us
The pain in trust, is painted less
The pain in I— the pain in you
It painted us & taught us rules
It got our tears, it got our fears,
It knock us down, and kept us there
If we get up the TOP is near
And if we quit then END this here

~ Cajole Raja ✍�

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