CES 2020: Cooler Master products for 2020 showcased

Leo and Luke are over at Las Vegas to cover CES 2020. They spent some time today with Cooler Master (in what looks to be a bedroom suite). Be sure to check out more CES 2020 coverage over on our…

CES 2020: Cooler Master products for 2020 showcased



Leo and Luke are over at Las Vegas to cover CES 2020. They spent some time today with Cooler Master (in what looks to be a bedroom suite). Be sure to check out more CES 2020 coverage over on our main site at www.kitguru.net – much of which we just can’t post over on youtube.

Read more here: https://www.kitguru.net/components/cases/james-dawson/ces-2020-cooler-master-serve-up-new-gaming-chairs-monitors-cases-and-peripherals/

Intel NUC with Cyber Power PC – NC100 chassis
● Chassis, sfx PSU (650W 80 gold) customised with shorter cable and 10-pin 12V only for the motherboard, base board for $199 USD
● Intel Element H board – CPU plus mobo plus air cooling
● NDA – cooler master OEM for the cooler
● The base board is key because it has the CPU connector on it. Board is from the authorised manufacturer but CM will be making their own.
● Up to 3 M.2 (1 of which on base board), SODIMM.
● Launching Jan/Feb
● 3 target audience
○ MH630 59.99 entry level
○ MH650 – gamers. 7.1 virtual sound. Mic. RGB. 79-89
○ MH670. Wireless. 109.99. Can run wired or dongle for 2.4GHz (usb C dongle included for phone for example). Geared towards creative professionals who also games and uses outside
Spawn mouse:
● Blew up online so CM made it. Reddit community
● DPI buttons on the bottom instead
● Lifted the laser. Upgrading sensor to Pixart 3389.
● Updated to PTFE feet
● Ultraweave cable
● Reduced the hole size to prevent issue
● Target weight 45g. Defo want to stay below 50g.
● MM711 is rgb version of 710.
● Internal parts coated to prevent water and dirt problems

TD500 Case
● TD stands for 3 dimensional
● Used to be acrylic side panel and open from side
● Now finer mesh on the front so no dust filter needed
● Angled styling continues to TG panel
● February launch at 99-109 (haven’t decided yet) for both Black and white

MasterBox MB311L ARGB
● Mesh or fixed front panel
● Micro ATX
● Fans depends on SI requests
● 59 USD, TG, 2 ARGB fans

MasterBox NR600P
● Workstation purposes or mini servers
● Fits SSI-EEB or Eatx boards (server)
● No lights or TG etc.
● Front panel SSD/HDD sata connection slots (not really hot swap but can be quickly installed and uninstalled)
● SD card reader top IO and Type-C
● Dual 140mm intake fans but not really good for AIO as the HDD cage is there. Can move HDD cage to install AIO

● Sickleflow with refined rifle bearing
● Blade structure is more rigid
● Non led, single led, rgb, and addressable rgb

Masterair G400P
● Replaces Geminii M4
● 4 heatpipe
● Around 100W TDP
● Also smaller G200 2 heatpipe version

Upgraded Hyper 212 Evo V2
● Heatsink titled back for RAM clearance
● Sickleflow fan
● New mounting (not X pattern like before)
● Sell probably

● dual tower, dual fan
● Cutout for ram clearance
● Coated black
● Mount for third fan
● 6 6mm heatpipes
● 140mm 950-2000 rpm
● Compete with D15
● Threadripper bracket but not full block for it
● 79-89 USD

● Feature changes
● Monitor in top
● Alot of the cost is the monitor (still deciding whether monitor will actually be used or just rgb)
● 100 USD

Liquid cooling – coming in near future:
● Master liquid Lite
○ Upgraded pump and seal
○ Sickleflow V2 fans
○ Fine tuned design rather than revamp
● ML R Mirror
○ Mirror for rgb glow
● Vivid
○ LCD so you can put stuff on the screen
● SF120M fan, dual ball bearing, has a static logo (so fan keeps spinning)

● All CM cables going to flat going forward
MWE White V2

● R2 is upgraded version, Moulded foam. More racing chair type. 299
● Ergo L is 599 and more pro oriented. Adjustable head and lumbar. Big aluminium casting allows for lots of lean back balance
● X1 is gaming – more racing chair type. 349. Can’t see straps for lumbar support

● GM34. 21:9. VA panel. 144, 1ms. Aluminium stand with CM Halo. Lots of adjustment. 749 usd. Freesync 2. HDR 400.
● GM27. 165Hz. 1ms. 1500R curve. 299 usd. FREESYNC 1.

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