School of Motion Alumni and TA holiday card 2020

Here is the Holiday card for this year! 5 years running, so thank you all who contributed to this. SOM Staff: Sara Wade | Virus Anne Saint-Louis – Stay at Home Van Velvet | Lockdown Ben Weaver | Masks and…

School of Motion Alumni and TA holiday card 2020


Here is the Holiday card for this year! 5 years running, so thank you all who contributed to this.

SOM Staff:
Sara Wade | Virus
Anne Saint-Louis – Stay at Home
Van Velvet | Lockdown
Ben Weaver | Masks and Social Distancing
Leigh Williamson | Black Lives Matter
Kyle Hamrick | Global Protests
Frank Suarez | Austrailian Fires
Patrick Butler | West Coast Fires
Chris Hunter | Hurricanes
Jake Barlett | Murder Hornets
Joey Korenman | Dumpster Fire / Intro

Title Designs: Ewa Niedbala
Title Animations: Traci Brinling Osowski & Jess Libby

Sound Design: Sano Sanctus

Alumni by Order of Appearance
Will O’Connell | Having a baby during quarantine
Victoria Blair |Homemade Pizza
Traci Brinling Osowski | Baby Intro via Zoom
Tosin Bamidele | Female friendships
Tony Agliata |Drank more bourbon
Thomas de Limbourg | Walking my dog
Tessa Schutz | Learning how to cook
Telai (Diana) Kaplan | Cherishing the “smol” moments with my corgi
Steven Jenkins | Camping (RV’ing)
Stefan Janisch | Laughing
Sophia Kornienko | Unschooling
Sherene Strausberg | Learning New Plug-ins
Sergio Mendizabal Ritter | getting my ship together
Scott McMann | Learning Pi to 763 digits
Sascha Muller | Listening to Podcasts
Sarah Talbot | Walking my new “commute”
Ryan Elliott | Keeping busy with school work
Rodrigo Dominguez | Working & Overthinking
Roberta Scialla | Dealing with online grocery
Richard Foster | Running
Ralph de Vreugd
Ploy Boal | Cats
Peter Bone | Learning to slow down
Pedro Márquez | Playing with Synths
Patrick Wagesreiter | getting a road bike
Olivia Krishnaswami | Learning about sustainable living
Nage Eva Lacuskova | Buying way too many books
Mikhail Sobolev | Leveling up
Melissa Castillo | Family back at Home
Matthew Zipper | Traveling to surf
Marie-Eve Roussy | Searching life balance
Maria Tyomkina | Dancing like nobody’s watching
Maria Alejandra Bazante | Plant Mom
Manu Balzer | Riding down that graph editor
Madison Shaw | Camping
Lucy Vanmanisone | Gaming with friends
Logan Pinney | Made a baby ;P
Liam Clisham | Cannabis
Laurent Mathieu | Waiting 2021 !
Laura Benavides | My dogs
Kruthi Hindupur | Brewing Tea
Kristian Tinawin | Video Call
Kira Shumski | Eating my feelings
Kevin Snyder | Explore Outdoors
Kendall Hotchkiss | digital convos
Kellman Martínez | Listening Podcast
Keith Morrissey | Zoom Calling
Katrina Soo Hoo | relearning the piano
Karen Fantasia | Bun In The Oven
Kalyn Hope | Drive-in Magic
Justine Angelis | Beer and Baked Goods
Justin Peterson | Lego building
Jung Yuen Shin | Cozy Holiday
Juan R Mon | Understanding my tablet
Josh Teal | Quarantining
Josh McKible | Turtling down
Joe Evans | Watching TV
Jess Libby | Married my Best Friend
Jeremy Rech |Gardening
Jennifer Clotfelter | Interior Decorating
Jen Van Horn | Staying in with my plants
Jemal R. Brinson | Improving my chess game
Jack Attewell | Running
Ivan Miguel | Work, Coffee, Tears & My Wife
Ily Rohaime | Decluttering
Ilona&Aleksandra Glinka | Christmas plan. Who are you allowed to see?
Ignacio Vega | Learning
Helen Mulcahy | Journaling
Heeyoon Yuni Shin | Exploring the inner world
Hans Nellen | Forget 2020
Gilda Taffet | Shape Shifting
Gergo Varga | Conscientiousness
Gaurav Chandrakar | tidying up
Francesco Coppola | Psychedelics
Federica Bertot | No window
Fabio Galessi | Smiling
Ethan Baldwin | A Stiff Drink
Emma Elisabeth | dreaming
Elliot Mosher |Time Travel (aka long naps)
Elisa Lucaccini | Study and Relax
Earl Cabuhat | Keeping busy
Drew Levin | Watching 90 Day Fiance
Drew J Travis | Backpacking
Design Cheeeese | Hobbies with wine
Dawn Charbonneau | Drinking beer and online shopping
Daria Hill | Self-care
Daniela Varón | Pretending to be fine
Daniel Sherman | Getting Married
Daniel Ackerman | Crosswords and tea
Dana Albert | Declutter
Cynthia Pichardo | Learning A LOT
Cora Trout | Indoor Biking
Cong | Stay at home playing game
Chelsea Winot | Fan art
Casey Mitsch | Supporting each other
Brandon Henry | Scotch & Therapy
Blade Sabovcik | Golfing
Ben Samuels | Played a ton of Animal Crossing
Becca Byrne | Moving house
Beata Szóstak | Music
Augusto J Ferriols | Changing Perspectives
Anne Saint-Louis | Extreme Gardening
Andy Camou | Golf and coffee
Andrew Bui | When I AM WITH YOU
Andrea Schmitz | online shopping
Alixe Lobato | Dance till you die
Alexandra C. MacArthur | Eloping
Alex Del Solar | Optimizing my home
Alejandra Londoño | Learning new things
Albert Hofman | Dog Ball
Akiko Yoshida-Shimoyama | Dream to Travel
Aël da Silva | Camp
Adia Dave | Working from home
Adan Renaud | Working on videos
Adam Pyburn | Mixing Negroni
Ada Skowronek | Walking in the forest

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